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 Arlen, Texas 
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Arlen University
Student Life
Arlen High School
  • Principal : Mr. Bob Sacamano
  • Assistant Principal : Mr. Joe Davola
  • Assistant Principal : Mrs. Susan Ross
Arlen High has a highly successful athletic program to supplement the below average academic ranking of the school. Arlen High has won district championships in football, softball, baseball, basketball, track, tennis, and wrestling.
  • Athletic Director/Varsity Football Coach : Dana X. Bible
  • Quarterback/Runningback Coach: W.S. Boreland
  • Offensive Line Coach: Wayne Sutton
  • Wide Receiver/Tight End Coach: Irving R. Pray
  • Defensive Line Coach: Branch Bocock
  • Linebacker Coach: Mike Donahue
  • Defensive Back Coach: Russ Cohen
  • Junior Varsity Head Coach: Biff Jones
  • Junior Varsity Assistant Coach: E.T. McDonald
  • Freshman Head Coach: Joe G. Prichard
  • Freshman Assistant Coach: D.A. Killian
Arlen High's mascot: the armadillo
  • Boy's Basketball/Baseball/Track Coach: Alexander Box
  • Girl's Basketball/Softball/Track/Volleyball Coach: Jinks Coleman
General information

Mission statement

Arlen High is committed to producing top students and championship football teams.
Learner's creed
Death is the only excuse for failure, and the only result.
School song
Way down in Arlen, Texas is the place I love.
There stands our dear old Alma Mater who to us recalls,
Fond memories of hunting trips and playing football.
And makes us proud to know that we're the best school of them all.
Students must be in attendance for at least 50% of the days of each semester in order to receive credit for a class. If a student is in attendance less than 50% of the time, he or she must pay a sur-charged in relation to the number of days missed. The fee must be paid regardless of the reason for the absence unless a waiver is granted.
Excused Absences
  • Personal illness - a doctor's excuse is not required
  • Serious illness of a family member or family pet
  • Funeral of family member or family pet
  • Pregnancy
  • Quarantine
  • Trailer park accident
  • Runaways
  • Family hunting, camping, or fishing trips
  • Dallas Cowboys football games
  • Alcohol rehabilitation
Graduation requirements
  • 5 credits in electives
  • 4 credits in PE/Athletics
  • 3 credits in English
  • 2 credits in Math
  • 2 credits in Science
  • 2 credits in Social Studies
  • 2 credits in Agriculture
  • 2 credits in Industrial Technologies
  • 22 total credits
AHS students who drive or ride their transportation to school must park in the student parking or feeding lots. Students who park their vehicles in an unauthorized area will be subject to disciplinary action. Further violations will result in the vehicle being towed away at the owner's expense or the animal confiscated by the cafeteria. Students must obtain a parking tag to use the student parking and feed lots. The types of tags available are: (1) Regular-$20 per year, and (2) Live Stock-$30
To obtain the parking tag you must pay your fee in the office and present a valid driver's license and your car license plate number(if applicable). The parking lot rules are as follows:
  1. The parking tag must hang on the rearview mirror or around the animal's neck.
  2. The tag may be used on any vehicle or animal that the registered student is using.
  3. Grazing is permitted only in designated lots and with the appropriate tag.
  4. The tag is the responsibility of the registered student and if lost or stolen, a $20 fee will be required for replacement.
  5. Tags are to be used only by the registered student.
  6. Drive or ride safely and control your speed.
  7. Use only one parking space or feeding bag.
  8. Park the vehicle, set the emergency brake, lock the doors, and leave the parking lot immediately (if applicable).
  9. Tie animals securely.
Arlen High Facts

• Arlen High is ranked among top 75% of Texas high schools.

• Features a year-round exhibition of student and faculty art work in the Bowie Art Gallery.

• Five-year graduation rate of 64%.

Original building of Arlen High.