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 Arlen, Texas 
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Mission Statement
The City of Arlen is committed to the efficient delivery of quality products and services to its citizens.
We, the employees, fulfill the mission through personal and organizational commitment to the following values:
  • Accountability; accepting responsibility as stewards of public resources, and investing pride in our work
  • Initiative; taking positive action to accomplish our mission
  • Respecting our differences; treating each other with understanding and dignity
  • Development; enhancing our skills and increasing our knowledge to achieve our personal best
  • Innovation; searching for new and creative ways of doing business
  • Communication, each employee openly sharing and receiving information
  • Leadership at all levels; challenging the process, inspiring the vision, and modeling the way
  • Teamwork; approaching decision-making and problem-solving by involving all employees, focusing on people first, then processes
  • Continuous improvement as a way of life
We believe that our commitment is the foundation of all our endeavors to make our community a better place now and for future generations.
Arlen Facts

U.S. Department of Agriculture's J.A. Yates Propane Field Station located here since 1939. America's most productive propane site since 1947.

Lake Arlen in March.